The Peaceful Path to

Permanent Weight Loss

Take back CONTROL!


Live the life you WANT!


Dieting isn’t fun. 

In fact, it can be down-right traumatic.


Being told you aren't trying hard enough

or aren't disciplined enough.


Not understanding why certain things

work for others and not you.


Overwhelmed at the contrasting

dieting information out there.


Frustrated that what used to

work for you no longer works.


Most women go through this process

too many times to count.

(myself included!)






Believe it or not, there IS a way to

avoid this insane physical

(and psychological) tug-of-war.


It's Time for

Something Different

It's time you were guided towards a gentle approach to weight loss...

  • ...that results in long-term results

    without guilt and shame

  • ...that incorporates skills you

    already have 

  • ...that gives you the tools you need to

    succeed….for good

  • ...that doesn't feel like a punishment

If you identify with any of the

things below...  We Need To Chat!

You spend an excessive amount of time researching how to lose weight... and your focus on

weight takes you away from important

people and events in your life



You feel things aren’t fair when it comes to weight loss... and you think it’s all your fault that

you can’t lose weight



You've spent hundreds, if not thousands,

of dollars... on weight loss programs

and supplements



You’ve lost weight... then gained back

more than you lost (maybe more than once)



Weight loss has become more

difficult over the years... when it used to be

relatively effortless for you



That craziness doesn't

have to be your world!

Imagine a simpler life where.....

You participate fully in everything...without holding back

(That's more hiding and YOU are in the photos too!)

Weight loss seems effortless and automatic

(Because you have automatic, systemic discipline on your side)

You look forward to social events with fun, food, and friends

(Because you are prepared for every situation that comes your way AND you didn't shed one tear trying on countless outfits trying to find something that fit!)

You consistently make confident food choices

(Because you know what's REALLY vital for long-term success!)

You are in complete control of your eating habits

(You choose the food, the food doesn't choose you!)

You aren’t phased when stepping on the scale

( know there are other ways to measure progress!)

You can give that ol’ treadmill a bit of a break

(Endless cardio isn't the answer!)

You can still have all your favorite foods

(Because part of your PLAN is to ENJOY those things!)

How do I know all this is possible?


Not only have I figured it out for myself....

I've spent the last 8 years teaching my patients and clients to do the same.

About Me

Linda Hodges, DO

Physician, author, mom of two, 

recovering diet-aholic


I've struggled with weight my entire life, including battling two eating disorders as a result of PTSD.


Figuring out how to manage my weight hasn't been easy, and it's never "over" for me.


BUT...controlling my weight is so much easier using the skills and information I've put into this program.

  • In 2011 I suddenly gained weight and didn't know why.  A single conversation with a crossfit trainer changed my life...and my career.

  • Everything I thought I knew about diet and nutrition had been a lie.  And I knew I'd likely given horrible advice to others that likely caused them to gain weight and maybe even worsened their health problems.  I was mortified.

  • In 2015, I obtained my certification in weight loss medicine.  I opened a private practice dedicated to helping women lose weight.

  • I've helped thousands of people worldwide lose weight.  The method that was successful in my clinic is now available in an online program.

A weight loss program should never focus only 

on making your waistline better.


A great program will focus on making your

entire life better!








the way you think about food



the skills for effortless weight loss and maintenance

with systematic automation



the body that no longer feels like yours



Weight Loss that Works: 

A 12-week Program to Restore Confidence, Reclaim Your Body, and

Induce Long-Term Sustainability

  • 8-Week Signature System jam-packed with key concepts to provide continuous information and motivate you every step of the way

  • 8 Weekly LIVE Group Coaching Calls For Full Support* means you are never alone in this journey. Plus.....4 Bonus Weeks of Coaching Calls will help you fully integrate your plan and solidify your new habits with continued support and guidance

  • Step-by-Step Strategy so you know exactly what you should be doing and to help you stay accountable and on track  - No guessing!

  • Meaningful Coursework  will help identify YOUR NEEDS and ensure a plan that is tailored to YOU

  • Members-Only Facebook Group for additional discussion, support, and exclusive content

  • Customized Macro Setting will help you know exactly what, and how much, you should be eating - including your favorite foods​ 

  • Regular Accountability Texts for the extra inspiration, motivation, and resolve we all need at times

  • My full commitment and support to help take you from where you are now to where you WANT TO BE 

  • *One-on-one private coaching program available.

Weight Loss that Works

~Program Bonuses~

Bonus #1

Bonus #1 ~ The single most valuable thing you can receive when losing weight is SUPPORT.  


That's why you'll receive an EXTRA FOUR WEEKS of group coaching calls in addition to the signature 8-week program!  With these extra weeks, you'll be able to solidify your new changes while still having encouragement from the group and guidance from me.  


Don't worry, little bird...

I'll make sure you're ready to leave the nest!

Bonus #2

Bonus #2 ~ A copy of my book in any form you choose:  Paperback, Kindle, or eBook (PDF).  


Designed and written in a way to remove any shame or guilt that may be associated with weight issues, my book is an easy read and follows the program nicely.


Previous clients have also used the book as a reference guide when they need a little review after they've completed the program.  

(But, of course, you're always welcome to extend and stay IN the program too!)

Bonus #3

Bonus #3 ~ TWO MONTHs of done-for-you meal plans!


Eight full weeks of customized meal plans will help you perfect your

new routine by consisting of real foods that align

with your tastes and preferences.  


Complete with recipes, nutritional information, shopping lists,

and a genius use of leftovers - all in a handy ebook -

your meal planning and prepping couldn't be easier!  

What Clients are Saying

My philosophy, as a physician, is that before/after photos can be a violation of HIPAA privacy laws.

 Thus, I have never encouraged these photos with my patients and clients, but welcome testimonials!

Dr. Hodges took away the shame and returned the hope!  She listens and supports like a best friend with all the right answers and dishes hard, hard truth with humor and grace when you need it.  Thanks to Dr. Hodges, I am learning to love myself in addition to growing healthier and closer to my goals each day.  

~Paulette C.

Thank you again for all you've done and all you continue to for me. I appreciate that you are still thirsty for the knowledge to help us all with the struggles of weight loss and maintenance!

~Karlya W.

I have had lasting success with this program.  And, while I am not done with my weight loss, I know that I am on track to reach my goal following the guidelines I have learned from Dr. Hodges.

~Tara S.

A million thanks to Dr. Hodges for helping me to reclaim my life!! I am now in control of my life and everything I put into my mouth.  Being in control of a process that has been out of control for the majority of my life is such a WONDERFUL feeling!

~Stephanie J.

I am excited because in just 3 weeks, I will have stayed at my new weight for 1 year!  I was happy when I lost 100 pounds but knew the real test was staying at that weight!  Actually, I am a few pounds lighter!! 


I see no reason why I wouldn’t be able to stay at this weight because I am happy with what I eat! Thanks to you!


Dr. Hodges' program is very different from the "usual" weight loss program.  She acts as more of a coach/counselor/cheerleader to get you to your goal.  The weekly coaching calls make accountability real (although she NEVER will make you feel badly if you've had a bad week).  She has a relaxed style that makes her feel more like a friend who really cares, and the weekly online exercises make you really think.   Her suggestions for how to make things work on vacation/odd work schedules/parties are spot on.  If you know what you need to do to lose weight/get healthy but just can't get started, then Dr. Hodges' program will give you the extra push you need to make it work! 

~D.M, MD

For years I have been overweight. I have tried diet after diet and nothing seemed to work for me. One session spent with Dr. Linda Hodges and she found out what was wrong.She has changed my life!

~Cassie R.

My Peaceful Pledge to You

Losing weight is stressful enough.

Finding the perfect program shouldn't add to that!  

If, after 7-days, you feel my program isn't all that and a bag of kale chips, you are entitled to a full refund.  


This will give you access to one week of video content, the first week of clarity-provoking activities, and one live,

group coaching call.  

Linda Hodges, DO

President, Exceptional Health Solutions, PLC


What kind of results can I expect?

Why is this program 12-weeks?  I see many programs that guarantee results in 30-days.

What if my significant other isn't on board with me spending money on this?

Will an online program put me at a disadvantage when it comes to results?

Why aren't you seeing patients in the office anymore?

Do you prescribe weight-loss medications.

Do you have an extension program beyond the 12-weeks?

What if I can't be available during the live, group coaching calls?

When it comes to weight loss....

You Have a Million Options

But, what does it mean to find the perfect weight loss program?

The perfect program for you means one thing...



  • No more doubting yourself

    Discover what really is (and isn't) within your control so you can say goodbye to self-blame and guilt.

  • Spend time on things that matter

    Your valuable time and energy will be spent on the things you love most in life when you no longer feel overwhelmed with food.

  • Forget you're even trying to lose weight

    Your results take a quantum leap when you have proper systems in place that make your efforts automatic.

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